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Thanks to the internet, it is now possible to take almost any post secondary education course by correspondence instead of attending class in person. This makes it much easier for people who dream of becoming real estate agents to study for their career change while still working at their old job to support themselves. Though you can take your real estate course online, you will most likely still have to show up in person to take the final exam that will make you an official realtor. Here are some tips on how to prepare for it.

Read and Attend

The best way you can prepare for your real estate exam is to do all the assigned reading for your course (whether there's a quiz on it or not) and to attend every lecture, both physical and virtual. When you instructor is going over examples of how to sell condos, pay attention. Remember, your goal should not simply be to learn enough to pass the exam, but to build up a store of information that will help you become a competent real estate professional after the exam.


Because your eventual career as a real estate agent is the most important part, not your mark on a formal exam paper, when you study your goal should not be to memorize exactly what your instructor taught you. Instead, you should focus on understanding the problems and how the proper solution can be arrived at, even if you can't remember the scenario from your practice notes. It can help to take practice quizzes and ask yourself "what would I do" when you come across real estate situations in the news or in real life.

Get Help

If you find that you are failing to understand a key point of the course material or that you are consistently arriving at the incorrect answer, you should get help rather than allow yourself to give up and admit that maybe real estate jobs are not for you. There are many companies that offer real estate tutoring but they charge a hefty fee. Often your best bet will be to ask for extra help from your instructor or to talk the problem over with another student and compare notes.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Studying how to create excellent listings isn't the only way you need to prepare for your exam. You need to give yourself the best chance at passing by being well rested and clear headed while you are writing it. This means going to bed early the night before, getting up well before the exam to do some final studying, and refraining from drinking alcohol the night before. You should also eat proper meals the day of the exam and prepare several pens or pencils in case you need backups.

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