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Many people find the task of leaving home to gain the education they need for their future a tremendously hard one. In many places, going to a good school might mean not only leaving your family behind, but relocating to a strange place where you do not quite understand the culture. This problem leads to problems when it comes to finding a job, both during educational years and afterwards.

Fortunately, many universities have created programs to help with this difficult transition. One can now learn to speak English and receive help adjusting to life abroad with courses offered at universities like the University of Toronto, within Canada's largest city.

Many international students are admitted by the University of Toronto each year, and that means that one of the most popular degree programs is the English as a Second Language program, also known as ESL. Toronto is a multicultural city, and the degree program is set up to work for students from all over the globe.

If students are not up for relocating, the University of Toronto's online ESL program does not require direct attendance at the facility. Instead, students from Japan, China, India, Romania, or anywhere in the world can access the ESL program from U of T while staying at home, within a comfortable environment.

Now, probably the whole point of taking an degree program is to help you in communicating when you do relocate to another country. This will definitely be the end goal for both you and the school, but it just helps to get the language portion of the cultural divide out of the way before you carry on to another program or a career in an English-speaking country. And the best way to do that is by staying within your comfort zone! You can do this and still get all of the same resources as if you were living in a loft.

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