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Many foreign students choose to come and receive education beyond grade school at universities and colleges across Canada. Earning a diploma or degree at Canada's universities usually means less out of pocket expenses as far as tuition, books, and even cost of living than at other higher education institutions around the world and even in North America.

Of course, one of the biggest road blocks for many international students, as far as earning a degree in Canada, is the language barrier. Education in Canada means that students have to have a good grasp of working English; fortunately, most universities, including the University of Toronto, offer English as a Second Language courses both for new students and for people who have been living, or plan to live, in Canada. ESL courses are a great way to quickly strengthen one's grasp of both spoken and written English, increasing your ability to communicate your ideas as you earn your degree.

The program offered by the University of Toronto is more than just a language course. Too often, that type of course is used to gain credits towards a degree, with the student forgetting most of what he or she has learned within months of completion. The interactive and immersive ESL course at U of T guarantees that students will gain a great foundation when it comes to building English speaking skills, a foundation that is absolutely necessary when it comes time to attain a different degree, or to conduct business within the English-speaking world.

As we have alluded to several times, it can be important for people beyond the aspiring student to take advantage of the language resources made available through the University of Toronto. Many people who live or conduct business in (or wish to do either of those things) in the city must learn to speak English. Although the city is multicultural, having a basic grasp of the language can mean much less frustration in day to day life, and a lot less trouble in emergencies.

There are a lot of reasons to take advantage of the language resources offered by the University of Toronto for students and non-students alike. Make the ESL program your key to the future today!

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