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Do you want to complete some upper level education but think you may not have the time to do it? Worried that you may have to relocate to a larger city with colleges and universities, and yet you know that this is not feasible for you and your family?

We here want to let everyone know that it is entirely possible to gain a degree, diploma, or just a few college credits from the comfort of your own home. It doesn't matter if you are a Tibetan lawyer looking to expand your horizons a bit or working and preparing for a client, you can find what you need online.

And by find what you need, we mean you can literally find any course or program you desire through the Internet. With the possible exception of trades certificates and programs, the number of online courses out there is so vast you can count on being able to find anything you want. Almost every university in the country offers some of its courses and a selection of degrees online, so a person is able to gain a teaching certificate from SFU.

In this article, we are going to take a look at just a few of the different courses you might be interested in online. We have selected courses that are fairly diverse in nature, to give you an idea of the broad spectrum of choices which are out there.

CAD degrees

Some of the most obvious degrees and certifications to be gained online are those which involve computer sciences directly. One of the most popular programs is the CAD or CADD, the computer assisted design and drafting programs.

With a degree in this field, one can go into any different number of industries. The knowledge can be used to draw up layouts for cottages, house plans, high rise condominium developments, and so on. Many engineers include CAD certification in their portfolio of qualifications.


Language and writing based degrees are also fairly simple to gain online, again because the hands on experience needed in the courses of these degrees is fairly minimal. Whether you are planning on becoming a teacher or a lawyer (two occupations which you can also gain degrees for online), BA work is often prerequisite to undergraduate study.

Computer Technology

Let's face it; if you know a lot about computers, you won't be left behind in today's job market. A degree in computer sciences can pave the way to becoming an electronic design consultant, an entrepreneur, or a trouble shooter in a big company's tech department.

Now, we know that in the beginning we suggested that the only careers exempt from online learning were trades, but there are some components of trades programs which can be completed online. Use of the Internet can come in handy for some of the theoretical work which needs to be done in many trades; gaining a knowledge of different thermal insulation materials, basic electric fundamentals, and so on.

So really, no matter what your career goals are, odds are good that there are online courses out there to get you started in the right direction. When it comes to course availability, no one institution can compare to the selection you will find online!

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