Land Surveying

If you like working outdoors and want to be a part of building and mapping projects than you may enjoy a career in land surveying. Surveyors can work privately or for the government and create maps, mark land boundaries, and organize the development of properties. You might find some are hired by an architect designing a property while others are mapping out an area that is going to be turned into a highway. All of these jobs are important and require a great number of skills.

While a surveyor's job might seem quite straightforward there are actually many elements that need to be covered. When they're working on the beginning of a project they are responsible for collecting all of the data possible about the land. That means going to the local courthouse to see if any previous surveys have been done and doing field research. Whether they are working with the local planning office or for a home builder they need to have knowledge of botany, geology, forestry, hydrology, and history to complete their assignment.

There is not just one area that a land surveyor can work in. Some are technicians while others specialize in working with the latest technological instruments or concentrate more on mapping larger areas. This is a job that is currently in high demand due to many cities across the country expanding and a great number of current surveyors entering their retirement years. So if you're looking at working for a corporation that specializes in renovations or are interested in working as a cement contractor in Tallahassee than you are likely to find work in this sector.

There are many different ways that you can gain the necessary skills to work as a surveyor. Many people start by working a summer job for a surveying company during their time off from school. This will give you hands-on experience right from the start and you will learn the practical elements of the job instead of just spending time in a classroom. But to become credited as a professional surveyor you are going to need to go to college and get your degree as well. Sometimes the program will be called geomatics engineering and will be between a two and four year degree. Some schools will be more intensive while others will allow you time to work for needed income or spend more time at home with your family.

Some people start out right from high school and know this is what they want to do while others might already be working as agents or in a completely different profession and are looking for a change. No matter what road you take to becoming a surveyor you will be certified upon successful completion of your Fundamental Exam.

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