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If you're looking for all of the latest news about Canadian universities and colleges than there really is no better source than the Macleans on Campus website. This online community includes a full ranking of all of the best and worst Canadian institutions, measuring them on everything from their individual programs to the efficiency of their student services programs. It also has many articles and blogs that can provide prospective and current students with more information on everything from student funding to what to do if you dream of being a naturopathic doctor but you've failed a course. Here is some more about what you will find on this amazing website.

The ranking system is meant as a tool to help incoming students decide which university community and program would be the best fit for them. There are also student surveys that give current students an opportunity to rank their own institutions. This ranks everything from meal plan programs to student-faculty interaction in the biggest to the smallest post-secondary schools in the nation. If you want to go into home health care Saint John based or into engineering in Ontario, this will help you form a complete picture of what you can expect from each school.

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There are several blogs on the site, which will tell you about all of the latest news stories dealing with universities and higher education in Canada. If you're wondering about a tuition hike or new programs offered at an institution this is where you will find it. The blogs are all written by current students and come from all sides of the country. You could choose to follow the stories posted by all of the contributors or just read ones written by a student in journalism or affiliate programs.

Also available on the site are sample tests for those studying for Advanced Placement tests. This program allows students still in high school to take university-level classes in everything from Art History to Chemistry. If you know that you are going to be working in services, for example, while attending school and could use a lighter workload in your freshman year, these courses could be good for you.

Macleans on Campus is a site designed to answer all of your university and college questions in one place. You can look up which scholarships are out there that you might qualify for and check out new opportunities in co-op programs from working in landscaping Niagara Falls as part of an exterior design program or as a summer position in an arts organizations. There are even instructional videos to help you choose the right university for your needs and a contact us page if you have more questions.

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