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It's a tough job market out there, and many people are finding it necessary to change careers or risk ending up on welfare. One thing that people will always need is homes, so increasingly job seekers are considering careers in the real estate field, such as becoming an electrical contractor or becoming a home inspector in Oahu. Becoming a home inspector isn't as simple as having a basic knowledge of carpentry, however, you need to do specific training. Read below to find out how you can become a home inspector.

To become a home inspector in Ontario, you must be certified by the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors and be a registered member of the organization. Obviously if you wanted to set up a business that did Edmonton home evaluations, you would need to consult with the equivalent licensing board in Alberta. Not every home inspector in the province will be a member of the organization, but these people will not have as much credibility.

If you think you might want to look into becoming a home inspector the first step is to send away for the information package. You can order it online at www.oahi.com and the cost is $25. This package includes an outline of all the courses you need to take to become accredited and where in Ontario they are offered. You can't get the package from a real estate agent, only from the OAHI. The Ontario Association of Home Inspectors actually does the final test, but they only do so for people who are members of the organization and have paid their membership fees.

To become a member of the organization and qualify for the test, you must have a working knowledge of Ontario building codes and either experience or education in the fields of carpentry, electrical, plumbing and heating. You can either complete the courses offered by the OAHI or you can bring in proof that you're an engineer, architect, technologist, code inspector, or that you have five years' experience in plumbing, carpentry, electrical work, or other construction trade. Only then can you apply to take the courses that will allow you to officially inspect real estate.

Becoming a home inspector is a good source of additional income for anyone in the construction trade or for a tradesperson who is having difficulty finding work or is looking to downgrade to less strenuous work.

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