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Welcome to the Canadian Columbia River Forum

The purpose of the Canadian Columbia River Forum (CCRF) is to provide an information sharing forum in which the participants can collaborate on initiatives and processes that affect the Canadian portion of the Columbia River Basin.

The Canadian Columbia River Forum represents seventeen Canadian federal, provincial, regional and First Nation agencies committed to collaborating on water-management initiatives in the transboundary-reach of the Canadian Columbia River Basin.

The Columbia River Basin in Canada has economic, environmental, cultural and social importance for all Canadians.

This networking and information sharing forum brings together decision-makers to collaborate on existing and emerging water management issues that influence the Columbia River Basin in Canada.

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The CCRF and the Columbia River Treaty Review

CCRF members finalized terms of reference outlining the forum’s new Think Tank role in the CRT Review process currently underway by agencies in Canada and the US. CCRF CRT Think Tank sessions will provide opportunities for members to share, develop and discuss CRT information and provide non attributable feedback on potential recommendations regarding the future of the CRT.