Commercial Or Residential -- Trying to Decide Between an Ajax Home, a Toronto Office Property, Thornhill Real Estate, a House for Sale in Lindsay, and Pleasant Toronto Lofts for Sale

Whether you're studying online or in person at a private college, real estate certification courses have two streams that you must choose from: commercial or residential. The difference between them is the difference between showing Erin Mills homes for sale to young couples starting a family and showing factories to business planners. Your choice will determine the course of your career, so be sure to give it a lot of thought before you decide. There's nothing worse than choosing impulsively only to find out that you're not happy with your choice. And as always, step one to proper decision making is research. This should help you with both.

Residential real estate, while it's still a business, tends to be much more about people and meeting their needs than it is about viability or income generating potential. When you're helping clients buy or sell pleasant Toronto lofts for sale, you're helping to shape their lives. Your clients will be making their decisions with their hearts more often than their heads, so it may fall to you to point out the practical considerations. All told, this is an excellent stream for real estate agents who enjoy working with people, who sympathize with their clients, and who genuinely want to help get it right.

Meanwhile, commercial real estate is much more focused on the practical aspects. The properties you'll be showing your clients will most likely not be warm or welcoming, but valuable instead for their potential to generate income for the client. You'll spend a lot of time with clients weighing the pros and cons of an appealing office property for sale in Toronto, and if you get it right you could be in for a substantial commission. Commercial real estate is therefore a good choice for anyone with a head for business.

If these blurbs don't help you decide, consider asking a realtor working in each field to meet you for coffee to discuss their jobs or even to allow you to job shadow them for a day to see what things are really like. Just call up your local Thornhill real estate office and ask. Remember though, you don't have to know right away when you sign up for the realtor's course - the two streams don't separate until near the end of the course.

If both of these streams sound good to you, you might want to consider taking a little longer to complete your studies and dealing in both types. This is more common in smaller towns, where there might only be one agent selling Lindsay, Ontario real estate in the town. Keep in mind, though, it means extra work for you in staying up to date on market trends and other office work.

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